We are an independent company born as a spin-off project between a digital production company and a reinsurance broker in 2007. The evident need in the market for integrated and robust software drove the commercialization of WitWorks for the entire reinsurance industry in 2021.

With over 20 years of experience in the business, we can understand the specific needs, processes, and challenges of our clients.


WitWorks is a cloud-based software platform for the management of facultative reinsurance and automatic contracts, both proportional and non-proportional.
WitWorks allows you to professionalize, optimize and standardize the management of the whole business: from the initial application of a new prospect and the generation of Slips to the settlement of claims.

WitWorks enables growth by providing end-to-end reinsurance management that eliminates inefficiencies and improves the service delivered to clients.

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